What is Instant Pay via Wagestream?

Instant Pay via Wagestream is one of two payment preferences in Connect. By choosing Instant Pay, you will be able to access a portion of your earned income at any time, for example right after completing a shift.

How is my available balance to stream calculated?

The amount available to stream is based on two variables:

  • Your worked shift(s) must be approved and submitted by your employer. This process can be instant, or it can be performed weekly, depending on the company with which you are employed.

  • Your employer determines the percentage of your earned wages available to you; for L1NDA Connect workers it is a maximum of 40%.

What is the cost to use Instant Pay via Wagestream?

Each stream, no matter the amount, will only ever cost a convenience fee of €2.50. Wagestream is not a loan. They do not provide any credit, and there will never be any interest charges.

What are the costs if you don't withdraw salary instantly?

When you don't take the advantage of Instant Pay after your shift, you will be paid out your full salary on the next Monday. You will NOT be charged a convenience fee of €2.50 for this payment. This payment will also be done by Wagestream, but without any extra costs.

How will the rest of my wages be affected?

At the end of the pay period, any of your net salary not already accessed will be paid as normal, minus any convenience fees. You will also receive a monthly statement detailing any activity you have made.

How is Wagestream connected to L1NDA Connect?

Wagestream is a benefit provider that allows you access to your earned wages. They rely solely on the information provided by Connect to bring you this financial wellness service. However, they cannot make any changes to your payroll, and any wage or salary discrepancies must be taken to the Connect Support team.

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