As mentioned in our Terms & Conditions, both businesses and flexworkers must adhere to the usage rules when using Connect. Please be aware that the rules are subject to change. In case of a change, we’ll provide our users with an update.

Minimum shift duration
As defined in the Dutch NBBU CLA, the minimum shift duration must be three worked hours, excluding breaks.

Cancellation policy
You can cancel a filled shift up to 4 days prior to starting time. In case you cancel a shift within 4 days prior to starting time, you’re obligated to pay the flexworker the complete shift duration. In both cases, you’re required to cancel the flexworker by phone. You can find the phone number in the shift agreement or the L1NDA Connect.

 Check-out policy
A flexworker has finished the scheduled shift. What happens next?

  1. Confirm and register the worked hours with the flexworker directly at the end of the shift by using the check-out option in Connect.

  2. Complete the check-out procedure within 24 hours of the scheduled end time of a shift.

 Please do take into account these potential other scenarios and our advice:

  • If one of the parties (flexworker or business) fails to confirm the worked hours 24 hours after the end of the shift, the payment will be made based on the hours registered by the other party.

  • If none of the parties confirms the worked hours, the payment will be based on the planned hours.

In case of a disagreement about the amount of worked hours, we advise you to take the following steps:

  1. Contact the worker and look for a solution. Did you come to an agreement? Great! We’d love to hear about it so we can process the correct hours.

  2. If you fail to come to an agreement, please contact L1NDA.

 Breaks and food policy
You are free to choose your breaks policy. If you decide to continue paying flexworkers during breaks, these breaks should not be registered. If you decide not to pay flexworkers during breaks, these breaks should be registered.

You are free to decide whether to give flexworkers free food, to let flexworkers pay for food, or to let them bring own food.

You will receive an invoice on the first Monday after a workweek (Mon-Sun). The collective invoice includes all the agreed hours worked by all flexworkers during this workweek.

Note: In case of a disagreement on the hours worked, you will receive another invoice later that same week, immediately after the disagreement has been solved. The invoice must be transferred within 14 days to the account number stated on the invoice.

Hiring a flexworker outside Connect
Matching flexworkers and businesses is the main goal of L1NDA Connect. We find it great to hear that a flexworker and a business decide to enter into a long(er) term commitment. We won’t stand in your way with any restrictions, but we do ask you both to notify us about this fact. Let us know whom you welcomed to your team. Congrats!

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