1. What is the pricing model?
Cost for employer (total hourly rate) = Gross salary (offered hourly wage) x 1.99 employee benefits (holiday pay, pension and premiums).

You can decide the hourly wage that you want to offer for the shift(s). By law, you cannot offer less than you pay your own staff in the same or an equivalent position. In addition, the offered hourly wage needs to meet the hirer’s remuneration as per CLA for the Dutch hotel, restaurant and cafe industry 2018-2019 (phase 2). The rates on our marketplace will depend on the quality of the worker and market dynamics.

2. What is the employee benefits?
All flexworkers on L1NDA Connect are working under the NBBU-cla for hospitality flexworkers. This means that on top of the hourly wage, workers have the six elements of the hirer’s remuneration which must be paid out.

As a result, L1NDA Connect complies with Dutch labor legislation and companies and flex workers can rely on it.

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