Welcome to L1NDA Connect! Before you can start posting shifts, we ask you to complete your profile so we know a bit better who you are and which business you represent.

How to do this?

  1. Login to Connect

  2. Click on your profile within the menu to navigate to your profile

We split your profile into two sections; a business and a personal section.

Business section
For the business section we ask you to fill in the following:

  1. Business name

  2. Business profile picture (upload a nice, attractive picture of your business to attract applicants when offering a shift)

  3. About the business (a short description about your business so the workers know to which company they apply)

  4. Your role

  5. Phone number

  6. Email address

  7. Headquarters address; Street + house number, Zip code and City

  8. Bank account

  9. Chamber of Commerce (KVK)

  10. VAT number

Click on the green button 'Save' to go to your personal section.

Personal profile
For the personal profile we ask you to fill in:

  1. Name (prefilled)

  2. A profile picture (optional)

  3. Initials

  4. Last name

  5. Mobile phone number

  6. Email address (prefilled, can't be edited)

This information is used to complete your profile, as well as generating the right contracts when hiring an applicant.

Press the green button 'Save' to complete your personal section within your profile.

Have you completed your profile (both business and personal section), and verified your email address?

You can now start posting shifts!

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