You are legally required to verify the identification of a new worker when they work their first shift at your business. If a worker has worked for you before, this is no longer necessary. 

To verify the identification of the worker, you need to check the following details: 

  • Name, address and place
  • Place of birth
  • Social Citizen Number (BSN)
  • Nationality
  • If necessary; residence permit, employment permit, A1 or VAR statement

You also need to check the identification document for:

  • Passport photo: does this correspond with the worker in front of you? 
  • Characteristics: are height and age correct?
  • Signature: you can ask the worker to sign on a piece of paper
  • Nationality: is the nationality stated?
  • Document validity: has the expiry date not yet expired?

Be aware that the worker needs to bring a valid identification document stating Social Citizen Number (BSN) and nationality. A driving license is therefore not a valid document. 

You are not allowed to make a copy of the identification document, unless the worker has a nationality outside the European Economic Area

However, you can record the data for your own administration. 

Pay attention!

Has a worker worked for the first time? Then it is important that you let L1NDA Connect know that you agree the identification of this worker with the person you had before you. The automated check-out is blocked because of this legal requirement. You do this via the check-out.

  1. Approve or edit the worked hours,
  2. Hit the checkbox,
  3. Click on Submit for approval.

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