Someone is ill in your own team, you need an additional pair of hands... a shortage in staff that you can't solve with your own staff. Offer your shift on Connect to solve this problem!

How to do this?

  1. Go to your shift offers in Connect (after you logged in)

  2. Click on the green button 'Post shift offer' and fill in the following fields:

  • Shift title

The shift title is shown in the shift offer overview for flexworkers. We advice you to use a short and powerful title to get the flexworkers' attention and apply.

  • Category

Select the category that is applicable for the offered shift. You can select one of the following categories: kitchen, bar, cleaning, management or other. Missing a category? Let us know!

  • Description

Provide a short, catchy description of the shift. Flexworkers tend to quickly scan the shift offers and don't like to read a three-pager shift description.

  • Task specifications

Task specifications are only shown when a flexworker is hired and can contain more practical information like 'Report to Peter when you arrive'.

  • Start date

Fill in the date of offered shift

  • Start and end time

Enter the start and end time of your shift. You can't offer shifts that pass the duration of 24 hours. The shift times can be edited once a shift has been worked.

  • Break time (in minutes)

Enter a break time in minutes (if applicable). The duration can be edited once a shift has been worked.

  • Offered hourly wage

Enter the hourly wage for which you want to offer this shift. Keep in mind that this amount is excluding the wage fee. All amounts are gross amounts.

  • Appearance

Perhaps you have certain guidelines how your employees should dress, for example wearing a black jeans and white shirt. Provide this information so the flexworker can dress accordingly.

  • Shift location

If you have multiple shift locations it can happen that the location of the offered shift is different from your head quarters - that is linked to your Connect account. Edit the location by entering the correct street+house number, zip code and city.

3. Click on the green button 'Post shift offer' to offer the shift - you can check the shift details once more before it's definitive.

4. Check the shift details once more. Satisfied? Click on the green button 'Post shift offer'.

Your shift is offered!


Save time! Click on 'Save as template' to reuse the shift details from a shift template when offering the shift again.

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