• Choose the perfect shift and work where and when you want. 

  • Organize your work life in one digital place.

  • With L1NDA Connect you are insured and you work according to the right working conditions. Better yet, you choose your own gross hourly wages and you get from 10.93% on top of your salary (depending on your age).

  • Do what you like and what you are good at! Browse the platform. Choose work that suits your skills and gain experience while working.

Apply for a service today, start working tomorrow!

How to get started?
Create your account on Connect and complete your profile. For example, we ask you for a short personal description, a profile photo, but also practical information such as your citizen service number and a copy of your ID. We need this information for legal purposes, but also to show the companies who you are so that they have a good idea of what you have to offer.

As soon as we know who you are and you have gone through all legal steps, you can start applying for services!

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