Once the scheduled start time passed, the shift is moved from 'Upcoming shifts' to 'Check-out' and you have the ability to edit the hours (visualised by a yellow exclamation mark icon next to the shift).

Approve hours
Once the scheduled end time of the shift passed you receive an email including all the shift details of the worked shift. If the worked hours match the scheduled hours you can approve the hours by either;

  • When you approve the hours, you don't need to do anything. The hours will automatically be approved within 24 hours after the scheduled end time.


  • Go to the check-out overview in Connect and open the specific shift. Click on the green button 'Approve' to approve the hours.

In both scenarios we will also ask the flexworker to approve the hours. Once the hours are approved by both the flexworker and you, payment can be done and invoice sent. Next to the shift a green checkmark is displayed as indication that the check-out is completed. The approved shifts will still be shown in the check-out overview.

Edit hours
It occurs often in hospitality that the worked hours differ from the scheduled hours. No problem at all! From the moment that the scheduled start time passed you can edit the hours.

  1. Go to the check-out overview

  2. Open the specific shift

  3. Click on the button 'Edit'

  4. Edit the start, end and/or break time

  5. Click on the green button 'Submit for approval'

The flexworker will be informed via email about the edited hours and has the possibility to either approve or edit the hours.

Next to the shift a grey clock icon is displayed to indicate you are pending on the flexworker to either edit or approve the hours. The edited hours are shown and the previous hours are crossed out.

Once the flexworker approves or edits the hours, you'll be informed via email.

If the scheduled hours are edited three times in total (twice by you and once by the flexworker, or the other way around) it unfortunately seems that you don't come to an agreement. Next to the shift a red exclamation mark is displayed as indication of a disagreement.

In this case we recommend you to contact each other by phone or email to solve the disagreement. Afterwards reach out to the Connect Support team to forward the actual worked hours that you agreed on, so that the correct hours are processed.

Pay attention!

Has a worker worked for the first time? Then it is important that you let L1NDA Connect know that you agree the identification of this worker with the person you had before you. The automated check-out is blocked because of this legal requirement. You do this via the check-out.

  1. Approve or edit the worked hours,

  2. Hit the checkbox,

  3. Click on Submit for approval.

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