Checklist for a good copy of your ID:

  • Make sure the entire document is on screen and leave some space on the sides,

  • Don't use a flash when using a camera/ phone, but preferably natural light (so it works a lot better during the day than at night),

  • Watch out for shadows or spots on your photos,

  • Make sure when you scan your identification that colours / contrast remain somewhat intact,

  • Only a copy of your ID, passport or residence permit within the EU is valid. No driver's license!

  • Make sure the type of file is jpg or png, the size of the image doesn't matter,

  • The lower part of your identification must be clearly visible, because this part will be read automatically and your verification process will run smoothly. (see photo 2 for an example).

Tip: it is easier to take a good photo of an ID card than of a passport. So if you have a valid ID card, use it preferably!

Example good copy:
ID Card:


Why do I have to upload a copy of my ID?
We want to be sure that you are the one signing up for L1NDA Connect. In addition, we protect L1NDA Connect users against people who pose as someone else.

For legal regulations, we also need certain information about you, such as social security number, bank account number and a copy of your identification to draw up the correct documents.

The validation can take a while, but it almost always happens on the same day. We are working hard to make this happen as quickly as possible, so you can get started right away with L1NDA Connect!

What happens with my personal data?
Personal data are well protected with effect from the new AVG legislation. A retention period of five years applies to your identification if you worked via L1NDA Connect. In case you didn't work via L1NDA Connect, we'll delete your identification after four weeks.

More information about the protection of your personal data can be found here.

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