You have applied for a service and of course hope to work for that great company! But do you ever wonder why you are not hired for services? Here you will read what you can do to get hired!

Because L1NDA Connect is a flexible marketplace, users within this marketplace will have to "sell" themselves. In this article we share tips on how you can boost your profile and increase the chance of being hired by 60%.

TIP: "About my (work) experience" section | How do you enter this correctly?

Companies believe that the About my (work) experience section provides the most important information about the candidates. After reading this information, they often make the final choice to hire someone or not.

What to do?
The purpose of L1NDA Connect is to connect job seekers and companies who are passioned about the quality and enjoyment of work. Something you are part of as well! That is why we would like to share 4 elements that you can add to the "About my (work) experience" section to make your profile stand out. You could consider this part of your profile as a "mini resume".

  1. Profile picture: Make sure your picture is sharp, light, warm and show your best side! Ask yourself if you would hire yourself based on your photo.

  2. Work experience: companies are curious about what kind of experience you have in hospitality , so that they can offer you a position that fits your profile best. Therefore, sketch a clear picture of what you have to offer. For example: Bartender @ Cafe Ana | 6 months Strength: Customer-friendly, tapping beer and making cocktails.

  3. Language: Let us know which languages you speak and in which language you would like to communicate in.

  4. Describe yourself: It's not all about work. Companies want to know what type of person you are and what your hobbies are. Briefly describe your personality and whether or not you are engaged in a nice study (or other ambitions).

  5. Skills: Tick in your profile all skills that you have mastered. This way a business quickly sees what you are good at!

Want to improve your skills?

Check out L1NDA Learn. We have online How to video's where we quickly teach you how to upgrade your skills!

Now it's time to apply these tips to your profile and increase your chances of getting hired!

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