• When the start time of your shift is over, the shift will move from 'My shifts' to 'Check out'.

  • Shifts are sorted by date, with the most recent service at the top, and shifts that are 'checked out' will also remain visible here.


  • When the check-out of a shift is completed (green check mark), only the final times are shown.

  • For shifts that are still being processed (gray clock), both the last entered times and the original times are shown (the last in brackets and crossed out).

Shifts in the past can have 4 different statuses in the overview:

Scheduled hours are ready to be checked out. You can adjust or accept this. Note: if no action is taken within 24 hours, the scheduled times are automatically checked out.

Pending: You have successfully completed your part of the check-out and are now waiting for the business to take action. If no further action is taken, the times entered by you will be checked out automatically.

No agreement: The hours entered have been adjusted three times and therefore Support must assist to reach an agreement of the hours worked.

Approved: Both parties have come to an agreement on the hours worked. This means that the hours worked are paid out within 7 days. 💰

Read the usage rules here for more information.

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