Depending on what payment preference you have chosen, you can get paid on a weekly basis with Weekly Pay or right away with Instant Pay via Wagestream.

If you have chosen Weekly Pay

You will be paid the Monday after a working week (Mon-Sun). There are no usage costs for this service.

  • You will be paid for all approved hours in that given week. 

  • Depending on your bank, you will receive your salary no later than Tuesday (this may differ on public holidays).

  • If there is a dispute over the hours, you will still be paid after the dispute has been resolved. You can always contact us for assistance. 

More on Weekly Pay here.

If you have chosen Instant Pay via Wagestream

You will be able to access up to 40% of your earned income at any time, for example right after completing a shift. Each stream, no matter the amount, will only ever cost a convenience fee of €2.50.

At the end of the pay period, any of your net salary not already accessed will be paid as normal, minus any convenience fees. You will also receive a monthly statement detailing any activity you have made. More on how Instant Pay via Wagestream works here.

When you don't take the advantage of Instant Pay after your shift, you will be payed out your full salary on the next Monday. You will NOT be charged a convenience fee of €2.50 for this payment. This payment will also be done by Wagestream, but without any extra costs.

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