It can happen that you need to cancel a shift for which you are hired. Be aware that businesses might reconsider hiring you the next time for their shift.

Be aware: Additionally a no show will be added to your profile when you cancel a shift within 48 hours prior to the shift if you don't have a legit reason.

You still want to cancel your shift?

  1. Go to your upcoming shifts,

  2. Open the shift you want to cancel,

  3. Scroll down and click on the button 'Cancel this shift',

  4. Give us your legit reason why you want to cancel the shift,

  5. Call the business to inform them that you have to cancel the shift,

  6. If you cancel because you're sick, we'll contact you as well.

If you want to cancel a shift within these 48 hours, you’re required to contact the business you were going to work for. You can find the contact information in the shift agreement. This late cancellation will be added to your profile as a no-show if you cannot provide a legitimate reason. Keep this in mind when applying for shifts that start within 48 hours.

Two no-shows results in being banned from the platform!

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