There are two payment preferences to choose from in L1NDA Connect: Instant Pay via Wagestream and Weekly Pay.

If you didn't select a payment preference yet, the payment preference will be set to Weekly Pay by default. You can change to Instant Pay at any time! Click here to change you payment preference!

Instant Pay via Wagestream

If you choose Instant Pay, you will have the option to get up to 40% of your salary immediately after the checked-out shift for a flat fee of € 2.50 per transaction. This means that you can work today and immediately enjoy your well-earned wages!

At the end of the pay period, any of your net salary not already accessed will be paid as normal, minus any convenience fees. You will also receive a monthly statement detailing any activity you have made.

If you don't need to access any of your money instantly, you will be paid on a weekly basis by default.

Weekly Pay

If you choose Weekly Pay, you will be paid every Monday for all of your checked out shifts from the previous week. This payout includes all checked out shifts from Monday to Sunday. There are no usage costs for this service.

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