Once you've chosen to enroll in Instant Pay via Wagestream, you'll need to complete your Wagestream enrollment.

  1. From your mobile device, open your email. You should have received an email from Wagestream with your username and password. — If you have not received this, please check your junk/spam. If you still cannot locate this email, contact our Support Team to request a new invite.

  2. Download the Wagestream app from the Apple or Google Play Store.

  3. Open the Wagestream app then tap Get Started.

  4. Enter your "Email Address" then tap Next. This email address should be where you received your invitation from Wagestream.

  5. Enter the "Password" you received in your Wagestream invitation.If needed, you can tap Request a new password.

  6. Tap Log in.

  7. Tap Enrol Me.

  8. Accept the Wagestream Terms and Conditions to complete your enrollment application.

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