How to use L1NDA Connect

How do I create an account?

  1. Go to L1NDA Connect

  2. Click on 'Create your account (it's free!)'

  3. Fill in your name, email address and password

  4. Agree to the Terms & Conditions

  5. Click on 'Sign up' to confirm account creation

  6. A verification email is sent to the given email address to verify <

  7. Click on the green button 'I am (your name) and I want to verify' in the email

  8. View help article here

Am I a freelancer at L1NDA?

No, at L1NDA Connect you are a flex worker. This means that Connect offers you the certainty of legal validity. This means that Connect takes care of the social contributions, will pay for your pension and holidays, makes sure you are insured during work, and taking these administrative tasks off of your hands. Sounds good, right? For more info, read this.


In line with the Dutch law, identification is required in order to create a contract. Furthermore, due to the easy and online creation of a profile with L1NDA Connect, identification allows us to verify whether the made profile matches the legal identity of the employee.

Sidenote: Only people with a European passport do not need a Dutch work-permit, as they have the right to freedom of movement. More info here.

Why do I have to upload a picture?

We ask you to upload a representative picture of yourself on your profile, as the business will be able to see this once you have applied. Everybody likes to know who they will hire for their business. Therefore, a good picture will help you to get hired!

How can I easily access L1NDA Connect?

There is no native application of Connect, however, we do have an alternative to simplify this process on your mobile device!

  1. Open your internet browser (Safari, Chrome, you name it) on your mobile device,

  2. Navigate to L1NDA Connect and login

  3. Browser specific:

Using Chrome? Click on the three dots within the browser menu and select 'Add to home screen use Safari? Click on the share icon and select 'Add to home screen', fill in a name and press 'Save'. You now have a shortcut on your home screen!

It is taking a while for my ID to be approved, what is happening?

It can take a while before your ID is approved, however it is usually faster if your upload is done in the following way. If it is taking really long, please give us a call or send us a message!


How do I apply for a shift?

It is very easy to apply for a shift. Just check out the video below! Once you have applied the employer can see this and accept you for the shift. Be aware that multiple people might have applied, so it will not always be your shift!

What happens in case of a no show?

In case of a no show, which means not showing up for a shift you applied at all, you will receive a written warning from L1NDA. You will have 24 hours to reply with a valid reason. If this reason is deemed appropriate, you will receive a second change.

However, if you decide to not contact L1NDA at all or your reason is not sufficient, you will be blocked and banned from the platform.

Once you do not show up it damages the name and validity of L1NDA Connect as a platform. With both us and the employer counting on you, this rule is enforced strictly!

What happens when you're too late for work?

We all know that something can happen which would make you slightly late for work. However, if you are you will need to contact the employer and L1NDA Connect. This is to inform and ensure no negative situations will occur. Of course, the reason should be valid! The validity of the reason is again determined by L1NDA Connect.

If you are late multiple times, an official warning is given and could potentially lead to being banned from the platform. More info on this here.

What do I do when I'm sick?

In the event of illness, you must report sick before 9:00 am. If your shift starts earlier than 9:00 am, you must report sick before the start of the shift. To report sick you must do the following:

  1. Call the company where you were going to work (you will find the telephone number in the confirmation email). In case of no reply, you send an e-mail,

  2. Fill out this form,

  3. L1NDA will contact you by phone to confirm your illness report.


It is possible to cancel your shift. If you do so more than 48 hours in advance, there will be no consequences. However, if you want to cancel a shift within 48 hours before it starts, it will be seen as a no-show if no legitimate reason is given.

You are also required to inform the business and L1NDA of your cancelation and the reason. Contact information can be found in the shift agreement.

Do you still want to cancel your shift?

  1. Go to your upcoming shifts,

  2. Open the shift you want to cancel,

  3. Scroll down and click on the button 'Cancel this shift',

  4. Give us your legit reason why you want to cancel the shift,

  5. Call the business to inform them that you have to cancel the shift,

  6. If you cancel because you're sick, we'll contact you as well.

  7. More on shift cancellation here.

Working a shift

Where is the location of my shift?

The location of your shift can easily be found in shift details! Just click on the shift and you will see all details.

Clothing (Uniforms)

When it comes to your uniform every business decides for themselves. You will be informed by the business what they expect. However, we do recommend to get some proper work shoes.

I am not getting hired for many shifts. How can I increase my chances?

First impressions count. Check if your picture is professional and shows some personality. Furthermore, how did you describe your (work)experience? You can always add a little bit about yourself. A complete, professional, and fun profile helps with your chances! More info on how to get hired quickly here.

As multiple people can apply for a shift, somebody might have more experience or have worked there before. This might be a reason for a business to hire them instead of you. Check out more info here.



In addition to the freedom of choosing where and when you work, you will have a well-paid hourly wage and will get paid every week. The hourly wage, shown in each job posting, is decided by each business and depends on the type of position and expected experience. Each vacancy shows what you will earn. Learn more here.

How does payment work?

You have the option to decide when you get paid by updating your payment preferences. You can get paid right away with Instant Pay via Wagestream or on a weekly basis. Once you finish your shift, you will need to check-out. You do this by clicking on your worked shift, add/confirm the hours you worked, and press check-out.


What is L1NDA Connect?

L1NDA Connect is the connection between flex workers searching for work and hospitality businesses needing flexible employees.

In which cities does L1NDA Connect operate?

L1NDA Connect is launching in Amsterdam. However, we want to rapidly expand to more cities in The Netherlands.

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